Migrating to free or open source software (FOSS) may lead to small difficulties at the beginning, because the lack of knowledge of the new tools; this is not because FOSS is difficult, but for the same reason why you are not so good at driving a new car as you were with your old one: they are two different things!

For this precise reason, the LibreSchool project provides a wide training offer, targeted to people whose occupation is mainly didactics (teachers) or to who will maintain the laboratory in function.

With some more details, the following courses will be offered:

  • Basics: Course targets are teachers that are going to use the new infrastructure the project will provide. Course goal is to explain how to use proficiently a GNU/Linux operative system, making the most out of the features of our technical implementation to empower didactics;
  • Office automation: led by volunteers from LibreItalia, certified trainers as The Document Foundation requires, which targets all the teachers and has the goal to explain most of the software included in the productivity suite LibreOffice so to achieve a good knowledge of the tool itself;
  • Specific software training (to be requested): targets the teachers which want to understand and fully use a specific didactic software;
  • Lab maintenance: targeted at the people which will be in charge of maintaining the operativity of the lab, the goal of the course is to provide the basic knowledge to allow them to be autonomous on the following aspects: user management, backups, deploy/redeploy of the client PCs, basic troubleshooting, web filter whitelisting and much more.