The Episcopal Seminary of Bergamo goes to Linux

The Episcopal’s Seminary of Bergamo Alta has joined, as already other schools before, our LibreSchool project, asking us to migrate their computer lab to Linux and free software.

On Monday, September 5, 2016 we were in their lab and after connecting the server (previously installed and configured), we completed the deployment of the lab installing and configuring the 25 computers of the lab.

Here is the contemporary deploy of 24 PCs (the teacher PC was already installed) via PXE boot:


As usual, the deployment operation has been greatly simplified, consisting in pressing a sequence of four keyboard keys (arrows included!) for each PC.

The lab is now complete and ready to be used.

In agreement with the School Manager, in a couple of weeks we started the training courses for the teachers: those on Linux held by us and then those on the LibreOffice suite held by volunteer from LibreItalia.

Before concluding, we are pleased to let you know that our project is attracting interest even outside the province of Bergamo. In the last few months we have been contacted by the “Ilaria Alpi” Comprehensive Institute of Milan and by “Aristide Leonori” Comprehensive Institute in Rome, both interested in joining the project.
Not being able to satisfy them directly for logistical reasons we contacted other LUGs in Milan and Rome with whom we are collaborating to help those schools, and maybe go even further.

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